Porsche 991 GT3 and GT3 RS IPE Exhaust System Preview

Minimum weight and maximum sound are the name of the game. IPE’s Stainless and  titanium exhaust system consists of IPE’s trademark Valvetronic muffler/s with tips. They use original quality actuators to control the valves improving reliability long term wise. Their GT3/RS titanium exhaust is a super lightweight weighing in at only 12.17 kg. That’s a weight reduction of 53.1% when comparing it to the original weight of the stock system which weighs 26.0 kg, a weight saving of 13.83 kg. The exhaust valves make it possible to improve both torque and horsepower, while the muffler internals were designed to specifically attack power gains and create their trademark F1 sound.  IPE is famous for performance and F1 sounds at its finest. Their new lightweight titanium exhaust for 991 GT3/RS opens up entirely new worlds on these cars, any passionate driver who is looking for that extra-kick should consider refining their car with a system like this.  ** Note ** Shown in pictures is IPE’s stainless system.


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