2002 BMW M5

This E39 BMW M5 came in for the works and it sure got it! We started off with the heart of the beast the S62. We striped it down to its core and lightweight up the internals a bit to help it rev much faster. We then helped the top end flow air better by performing some custom port and polish work and mated it with some more aggressive shrick cams. Some of the bolt on engine parts included Dinan’s complete S2 package: Carbon intakes, larger maf housings, ported throttle bodies, shorter/larger velocity stacks and oh.. a complete race header. Other modifications includes Dinan’s lightened dual mass flywheel and a 3.45 limited slip differential. With all this extra hp we knew we would need to improve the handling and braking characteristics so we went ahead and installed a KW V3 kit and Stoptech front and rear big brake kit. The overall package coming all together really has made this M5 the ultimate driving machine.


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